Deaf Interiors is a multidisciplinary online exhibition presenting six Deaf Canadian artists whose featured work is the culmination of a three-month online incubator.

In response to the world health crisis and to social distancing measures that exacerbate feelings of isolation, artists gathered online with facilitators Peter Owusu-Ansah and Sage Lovell to share stories, generate ideas and create work that demonstrates the interior world of Deaf culture, activism and human connection.

Presented by Creative Users Projects and Tangled Art + Disability, Deaf Interiors is a digital adaptation of Crip Interiors, a site-specific installation of grid-like arranged containers that individually and collectively highlight the ways that Deaf and disabled artists negotiate accessibility in the cityscape.

Forward by Sage Lovell

What is Deaf Joy? The concept of Deaf Joy emerged during the first session of Deaf Interiors where we were discussing all of the negative experiences of being Deaf – audism, phonocentrism, surdophobia, systematic barriers, and language deprivation. In the mainstream media, it is so common to associate Deafness with negative experiences when in reality, being Deaf can be a joyful experience. We need to highlight and celebrate the positive experiences of being Deaf. Deaf Joy looks differently on an individual basis but it can be shared collectively. In this exhibition, each Deaf artist demonstrates what Deaf Joy means to them. We challenge you with a few questions – what is Deaf Joy to you? What would that mean? What would the world look like if we nurtured Deaf Joy?


Forward by Peter Owusu-Ansah

I would like to say thank you to Sage and the staff from Tangled Art + Disability and Creative Users for including me in developing the Deaf Interiors.   This was my first experience and it was fantastic! It brought so many emotions of what we all dealing with as Deaf people and artists. We share what we can do to help change the negatives we face using positive and cool vibes through arts. My reactions to what Deaf artists bring to Deaf Interiors are simply wow! They are something the public needs to witness and to learn about our differences and what we bring to life. This is not just for Deaf people, it is for everyone and anyone.


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